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Vehicle Dimensions Cubic Volume (m3) Price per Mile
Length: 392mm
Width: 343mm
Height: 147mm

0.02 m3
Length: 1176mm
Width: 980mm
Height: 441mm

0.54 m3
Compact Van
Length: 1470mm
Width: 1372mm
Height: 1176mm

2.52 m3
Small Van
Length: 1666mm
Width: 1460mm
Height: 1176mm

3.04 m3
Medium Van SWB
Length: 2352mm
Width: 1666mm
Height: 1372mm

5.71 m3
Large Van LWB
Length: 3332mm
Width: 1666mm
Height: 1666mm

9.82 m3
Extra Large Van XLWB
Length: 4018mm
Width: 1666mm
Height: 1764mm

12.55 m3
Luton Van
Length: 3920mm
Width: 1960mm
Height: 2156mm

17.6 m3