How much will my delivery cost?

Deliveries are priced at a fixed rate per mile, depending on the type of vehicle. Click here for pricing information

Can I specify what time I’d like my item to be collected?

Yes. Customers can specify exact collection and delivery times.

Can I book a delivery over the weekend?

Yes. Deliverehub is a 24 hour service, 365 days a year and drivers will be notified in real time as new jobs are posted in their area, if they match their vehicle type.

How do I know where my parcel is and what time it will be delivered?

Once your item has been collected you can track it using the mobile app. Drivers are tracked in real time and you can see exactly where your item is at any point on the journey. You will be notified when the driver has reached the destination and has obtained the recipient’s electronic signature.

Can I cancel a delivery once I have booked it?

Click here for our cancellation policy

What if my delivery doesn’t arrive or arrives late?

You can track your delivery in teal time throughout its journey, and can communicate with your driver using the in-app messaging service. If you are unable to get through to your driver or the delivery doesn’t arrive, then contact us via our customer service email address: support@deliverehub.com

Can I contact my driver directly?

Yes. You can contact your driver using the in-app messaging service at any point during your delivery.

Will I get proof of delivery?

You will get an electronic proof of delivery via the app with the electronic signature and time and date of delivery.

How do I pay for my delivery?

Payment are shadowed when the delivery is collected and funds requested once delivery has been completed. We accept credit and debit cards and all payments are processed by Stripe.

Can I book a same day delivery?

Yes. Deliveries can be booked and made the same day, the next day or at any point in the future.

Can I change the delivery details on an item once it has been shipped?

You can communicate directly with your driver to negotiate small changes.

I’m not sure how much my item weighs, is this important?

Yes. The price of your delivery is dependent on the size and weight of your item. Please try and weigh the item or use the weight on the packaging. 

Can I send large items?

Yes, you can send any item via the Deliverehub app as long as it fits into the maximum vehicle size we cater for. Check our vehicle dimension sizing guide.pdf here. It will then be offered to the drivers in the area who match the criteria.