What documents do I need to sign up as a delivery driver with Deliverehub?

You will need to provide your vehicle registration document, current MOT certificate, insurance document and appropriate goods in transit insurance document. You will also need to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the UK.

In addition, drivers will need an account with online payments service, Stripe.

When will I get a job notification?

You will receive job notifications in real time, as jobs are received on the Deliverehub app, if they match your current location and vehicle size and type.

How much will I earn per mile?

Our rates can be found in the pricing matrix and drivers will receive this amount, less a 30 % commission which is payable to Deliverehub.

How do I get paid?

Payment is automatically made into your Stripe account a period of time after the delivery has been tracked to its destination and you have taken an electronic signature.

What happens if I have problems getting the delivery to the drop off point on time?

You are expected to communicate directly with the customer using the in-app messaging system, to let them know of any difficulties you may be encountering with the delivery.

Can I decline a job once I’ve accepted?

Yes, you can decline a job up to the point of collection, with no penalties. However, check our cancellation policy as we have the right to suspend drivers who frequently cancel jobs within allocated time frames. Customers also have the right to rate drivers who cancel jobs, which could affect the speed at which drivers are offered jobs.

Can I pick up other jobs once I’ve accepted a job?

Yes. The app will use GPS tracking to identify your location and will offer you jobs based on your estimated capacity, taking into account any existing deliveries you are making through the app. If you are in the right location and have capacity, then you will be offered suitable jobs.

Can I contest a bad customer review?

If you believe that information given is incorrect or in breach of the terms you must inform Deliverehub immediately, and we will aim to remove it if we believe it should be removed, within a reasonable period of time.