Corporate Social Responsibility

A fair deal for drivers

Deliverehub takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and is committed to giving delivery drivers fair rates for their services. The gig economy, of which self-employed delivery drivers are part, is characterised by a higher than average rate of young people, and people with a broader range of ethnic backgrounds. Deliverehub is committed to ensuring these drivers are given the opportunity to run their own successful businesses. 

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices states that “Quality work is strongly linked to better health outcomes for individuals. Good work not only enables people to support themselves and their families financially but with the right kind of support, from employers and others, work has a positive impact on health and well-being.” Deliverehub aims to improve the lives and well-being of the delivery driver community.

Deliverehub has lowered the barriers to entry for drivers, and has partnered with payment experts Stripe, to process payments from customers to drivers. Stripe offers a free basic service, keeping costs low and ensuring accessibility for all drivers. Stripe ensures that drivers are paid within a few hours of making a delivery, meaning they don’t have to chase payment of invoices.

Deliverehub has created an awareness campaign which promotes “A Fair Deal for Drivers” and will be promoting this within local and national government, and within the media.

Environmentally aware

The Deliverehub app promotes environmentally friendly operations, using GPS and smart programming to identify drivers in the local area, with capacity in their vehicles. Deliverehub allows drivers to maximise their vehicle efficiency, keeping carbon footprints in check whilst not compromising revenue.